Fasting is a way to rejuvenate the body,mind and soul

Benefits of fasting

  • Fasting helps in weight loss

By limiting calorie intake and boosting metabolism by increase level of neurotransmitter norepinephrine.

  • Fasting improves blood sugar control

Fasting helps to decrease insulin resistance and increase body,s sensitivity to insulin allowing it to transport glucose from our blood stream to our our cells more efficiently.

  • Fasting helps in Heart health

It helps our body to metabolizes cholesterol and sugar,It helps to decrease our low density lipoprotein or bad cholesterol.

  • Fasting may boost brain function and prevent neurogenerative disorder

It increase nerve cell synthesis and protect against Alzeheimer,s diseases and Parkinsons.

  • Fasting promotes Autophagy

Its a real way to cleanse our body-Autophagy means self eating.our body utilizes our dead cells for energy or to make new cell parts.

Important tip
Any diabetic patient can do fasting by consulting doctor by managing his /her medicines/Insuli according to blood sugar levels.

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