Body Composition Analysis Machine

This test measures body fat percentage in different compartments. Visceral fat is extremely bad for Heart, Pancreas & Liver. Individual diet plans, exercises, and medications can be decided with the help of this analysis.

Diabetes & Foot

The foot is one of the major organs that can get affected by diabetes. Our centre is fully equipped with machines and facilities for early detection, diagnosis, and treatment of diabetic foot complications and we customize foot-ware for patients at our centre.

Diabetes Eye Examination

Diabetes can affect the eye in various ways. Efficient methods are available to detect high-risk retinal lesions at early stages. Early detection can prevent blindness due to diabetes. Our centre has a world-class machine for diabetes eye examination.

Diet Consultation

Personalized diet consultations are given according to individual lifestyles, sugar levels, weight, BMI and body fat percentage. Diet recipes and diet educational programs are also conducted. We have four diet consultants in our centre. Our in-house nutritionists and dieticians help patients maintain the right weight and food habits. Their services go hand in hand to help people achieve better results and reduce the burden of medications.

Mind Body Coordination

We have special system (Bio-Analysis System) to detect your emotional and mental health and its coordination with your physical problems. This analysis helps to detect your mind-body coordination and helps to reduce medications.


We provide Continuous Glucose Monitoring Device to the patients as required which helps them track their glucose levels throughout the day and night .

Insulin Pumps


We provide Insulin Pumps to the patients as per the need which replaces the need for frequent injections. A dedicated team of educators and diet consultants take care of patients on insulin pumps.



Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring-Correct blood pressure measurements is key to successful treatment. We use Office blood pressures, home blood pressures when deciding the treatment. Ambulatory BP checks the ups and downs and night dip which is crucial in people with diabetes. This facility is also provided by us which helps in measuring the BP even when the patient is on the move. It is normally applied for 24hrs.


Our centre has a well-equipped pathology lab which provides all types of diagnostic tests. We provide quick, safe and quality laboratory service.


This service is available at our centre.

Prevention of Diabetes Workshop

We have special check-ups for diagnosing Pre-Diabetes. Our centre has many facilities & different programs for a person to avoid/prevent diabetes.

Kale Hospital

Well-equipped nursing home with ultramodern operation theatre for Diabetic Foot and other surgeries.
Located at Bibvewadi road – 02024214287