Diabetes Clinic
Diabetes Clinic
Empowering people to manage their own diabetes is the philosophy of our centre. This clinic will be your partner in managing your own diabetes in every aspect of your life through our diabetes360 App. Our State-Of-The-Art Diabetes Centre has all facilities under one roof. Our centre also offers Mind-Body-Coordination treatment using special software.
Weight Loss/ Obesity Clinic
Weight Loss is beneficial for not only controlling diabetes but also reducing the load of medicines & stopping insulin injections. Weight reduction offers great benefits to protect your heart, liver kidney & blood vessels. With the help of body-fat analysis & other measures we provide customized treatment to everyone.
PCOD Clinic
Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) is a common condition in young girls. PCOS is associated with obesity, irregular periods, infertility ( not able to conceive) & diabetes. We offer benefits to all these young girls to restore hormonal balance through various techniques.
Pregnancy & Diabetes Clinic
As the number of diabetes people is increasing in India, many girls have the problem of high blood sugars in pregnancy. We have 25 years of experience in managing glucose problems in pregnancy with the help of our team of dieticians, continuous glucose monitoring, insulin pumps and our “diabetes360” App we become day-to-day partners.
Diabetes Foot Clinic
The foot is one of the major organs that can get affected by diabetes. Our centre is fully equipped with machines and facilities for early detection, diagnosis, and treatment of diabetic foot complications and we customize foot-ware for patients at our centre. "We have a specialized centre with a team of Diabetic foot surgeon, podiatrist, diabetic foot nurse & educators. Wound care is done at clinic & at Kale Hospital."